6 keys to owning your own franchise and being successful. Here are some keys for franchise success!

1. Make sure you have enough money.

* Determine how much you have to invest, how much you’re willing to risk and how much you will need to live on for at least 12 months.

* Make sure you understand the initial investment required.

* Make a careful and rational decision about buying the franchise.

2. Follow the system.

* Franchisees often get their business up and running and then begin to change, add or modify existing advertising, hours, services, and even the quality.

* By following the system, you:

o preserve the brand

o protect your investment and that of your fellow franchisees

3. Don’t neglect your family and friends.

* Be prepared to work long hours, but also make sure to budget time for your family and friends.

* Don’t forget to acknowledge the sacrifices your family makes.

* Allow your family and friends to share in your new life.

4. Recruit the best and treat them with respect.

* Good help is hard to find-great help is essential.

* To keep the good staff, you’ve hired:

o Be fair. Don’t show favoritism.

o Work with your staff to develop the schedule.

o Treat your employees with respect.

o Make their workdays challenging.

o Provide timely performance reviews and wage salary increases.

o In franchising, training should be continuous. Employees are you front line.

5. Give customers great service.

* The most important thing you can do is to get everyone to smile!

* Let the customer know you’re happy they chose your business.

6. Get involved with the community. Customers like to shop in places that support them.

* sponsor Little League team

* support a civic or youth group

* set up a kiosk at community events

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