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On March 15th, 2019

Integrating Social Impact into a Franchise Brand

Social Impact for a Franchise Brand Franchising extends past the common fast food chain for years now.  Franchises begin in almost every business sector has a replicable business model, especially the service business.  The future of franchising may well include leveraging the network to address growing numbers of pressing social issues. The combined effort of ...

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On February 25th, 2019

Digital Transformation and How to Apply it to your Franchise in 5 steps

  Digital Transformation and what it means to your Franchise Digital transformation (DT) projects often fail – we know that – but there are steps companies and their partners can take to maximize the likelihood of success. In today’s franchising world, innovation and it can be a huge factor for franchise success. In a recent ...

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On February 18th, 2019

Here Is Why Grit Is So Important for an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Grit University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth defined grit as a “perseverance and passion for long-term goals”. There are several definitions of grit. For me, it is a growth mindset, a resilience that makes a person determined to bounce back from failures and setbacks. I talked about the growth mindset in my TEDx talk. ...

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On February 15th, 2019

Dealing with a Consumer Service Complaint for Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with a Customer Service Complaing for Franchise Satisfaction Franchise customer satisfaction is always our top priority.  We work closely with clients to design their project, plan for it’s execution and complete it on schedule.  But construction can be tricky, and unforeseen circumstances may occur.  Typically, as you keep up communications with the client and ...

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On February 14th, 2019

Debunking 4 Myths About Healthcare for any Small Business

  Debunking myths for healthcare in small business Making healthcare available to your small business employees can be a daunting prospect. Procuring employee benefits can be costly and confusing to a non-expert in the field. However, it is essential to separate fact from fiction when considering providing your small business employees with the valuable gift ...

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On February 13th, 2019

How to Asses the Health of Subcontractors in the Construction Business

Assessing the health of your subcontractor in the construction business In the construction business, it’s hard to get comfortable wearing a single hat, because inevitably, things happen, and you’ll be asked to provide advice on an item that isn’t in your area of expertise.  Because these requests can cover a huge amount of potential topics, ...

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On February 11th, 2019

Tips for Accounting Cost of Goods and Labor Into A Franchise Sale

Adding costs of Goods and Labor into a Franchise Sale As a franchisee, David Ostrowe operates multiple locations for Burger King, Taco Bell, and Blaze Pizza. His organization operates three franchise companies: Blazing Partners, 180 Business Solutions, and O&M Restaurant Group. However, he worked on the corporate side of franchising for Church’s and Taco Bell ...

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On February 4th, 2019

McDonald’s not Leadership Worried About Franchisee Relationship

McDonalds stays firm on Franchisee Relationship On a recent earnings call, McDonald’s CEO Steven Easterbrook said he was unconcerned of McDonald’s franchisee relationship, and pushback from many newly unified franchisees within the restaurant chain’s system. Last October, a group of franchisees within the McDonald’s network united to form what they’ve dubbed the National Owner’s Association ...

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On January 30th, 2019

Multi-Unit Franchisee Insight – Hiring, Firing, and Personnel Issues

How to deal with personnel and possible issues We talk to successful multi-unit operators constantly here at Franchise Update Media. These busy on-the-go people share great insight and wisdom with us through our profile stories in Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine. Here, from our archives, are some insightful responses about hiring and personnel issues from some of ...

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On January 28th, 2019

Teamwork is Key on How to Make Your Franchise Successful

  Teamwork and How to Make Your Franchise Successful Through my own business journey to date in building up my core business and brand, and then launching headfirst into franchising, I have always been a firm believer in collaboration and working as a team. Running and leading a business can be lonely and isolating at ...

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