Do I need business experience to run a Transblue construction franchise?

Knowledge of how franchises operate and prior business experience will help when franchising with Transblue, but you need only minimal experience to succeed. We will train individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to learn skills necessary to manage the business regardless of their prior experience.

Where should I locate my business?

Our understanding of the market has enabled us to compile location criteria based upon traffic count, population centers and consumer habits. We can assist you in selecting the best demographic location for your new venture!

What sets a Transblue construction franchise apart from its competitors?

A key differentiation in our business compared with others is our size and background. Transblue provides comprehensive general contracting services nationwide with over 35 years of experience among our leadership team. We bring to the table years of contract execution and our subcontract network of more than 7,000 partners nationwide. We are different from others in our industry in that staffing is among our core strengths. We have hired from the very best in our industry. Our team comes from such places as TruGreen, Microsoft and all walks of corporate America. Our executive team has walked where you, as a franchisee, will walk.

What’s the cost of a Transblue franchise?

  • $77,200 to $98,300  (with financing of one truck)
  • $90,900 to $121,800  (with purchase of one truck)
  • This includes the $50,000 initial franchise fee, as well as the start-up costs relative to marketing, insurance, office furnishings, and other business expenses, including several months of working capital

What is “asset-light?”

Our asset-light business model means that you’re up and running without a huge up-front investment. Construction projects, snow removal, and paving all require expensive equipment, but the Transblue asset-light model eliminates those expenses by using subcontractors. You can reap the benefits of a construction franchise without the high costs with a Transblue franchise, giving you a strong start and quicker potential to earn.

Why should I open a construction management franchise?

Construction management is a growing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and a report from Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) expects construction to be one of the fastest growing industries into 2020. 

Home improvement and commercial facility spending has reached its highest level in 10 years. In 2017, residential home improvement spending increased nearly 9% from the previous year according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Commercial facility spending is expected to see an 8.8% increase in 2019.

Outdoor living spaces has topped the list of most popular special remodels since 2013, and demand for indoor/outdoor living spaces or features has been a headliner of the AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey nearly every quarter since 2012.

A construction management company can expect the majority of its commercial customers to renew services each year. This brings in recurring revenues and allows the company to focus marketing efforts on net growth rather than repeat sales. As a Transblue franchisee, you’ll always be building on this database of commercial customers, creating equity and amassing profits in the process. As well as getting paid in advance on the high end, high sales ticket residential projects; which only boosts your business cash flow!

I don’t have any construction experience, so how can this be the right business for me?

Don’t worry, because making sure that you’ve learned everything is a part of our established process. Our three-week, comprehensive training program is exciting and informative. It allows you to work with real building materials and become fluent in the language of construction. The three-week training session conducted at our headquarters in Seattle will set you up for success, and the follow-up on-site training in your own local market will ensure that you get off to a running start. You can always count on us to give you the guidance and support you need to succeed in your business.

At Transblue, we will help you with every element of your business operations: client communications, marketing campaigns, employee training, human resources, accounting and anything else that could possibly come up. We’ve already built the car; all you have to do is take it for a drive! We’re not just giving you our name to slap on your trucks and a basic business plan to follow; we’re giving you unwavering support, detailed training and access to our best practices that will ensure your franchise business runs smoothly from the get-go.