Luxury Construction Franchise Transblue Grows Despite Pandemic

The top-rated luxury construction franchise continues to grow despite the challenges of the pandemic

Despite all the turmoil and financial uncertainty in the past year and a half, the construction industry boomed. Transblue, a luxury construction franchise, was on the frontline meeting client demands for luxury outdoor projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to spend more time at home than ever before. This got homeowners to think of improving their living spaces. Although many Americans faced financial uncertainty, and flimsy job security. But, that didn’t slow down home improvement projects. In fact, a study from Harvard University found 2020 was a record-breaking year for home improvement spending, with Americans investing nearly $420 billion into their homes.

Outdoor living spaces are a major focus for homeowners. As a result, Transblue, one of the nation’s top-rated luxury construction franchises, continued to grow despite the challenges of the pandemic. We proved we are a recession-resistant, pandemic-proof business model. Our franchise owners were in the enviable position of having too much work to go around.

Business is booming

“Now is an incredible time to franchise with Transblue,” says Dave Wescott, CEO and Founder of Transblue. “We’ve proven this business model really works. Not only does it offer tremendous profit potential, but it’s also designed for long-term growth. We’re successful because we’ve built a straightforward model to implement. We’ve made significant investments in training and support, and there’s a demand for competent project management in the construction industry. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”


Wood house on the hills / luxury construction franchise

By helping homeowners complete luxury outdoor projects, and helping commercial and government clients complete outdoor projects, Transblue established itself as an essential business, not subject to the whims of the turbulent economy. Our franchise owners are in the unique position to capitalize on the current development boom sweeping the nation, not to mention the massive government spending on infrastructure. We place an emphasis on ensuring our franchise owners have multiple revenue streams to ensure a wide range of clients and the ability to scale.

“We’ve taken all the guesswork out of owning this business,” Wescott says. “We’ve built the model. All our franchise owners have to do is follow it. Historically, this industry would take years of experience to master, but we’ve shortened the gap. We provide the expertise our franchise owners need to thrive, and their success is our top priority. We have the systems, the processes, the training, the industry knowledge, the reputation, and the credibility to help our franchise owners grow. And we couldn’t be more proud of how our franchise owners are doing.”

Now is the time to invest in a recession-resistant Transblue franchise

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