Leap Out of Big Business and Into the Transblue Franchise Opportunity

Transblue franchise is the ideal opportunity for executives ready to take control of their own future

Are you ready to get out of the grind of corporate America and be your own boss? The Transblue franchise opportunity is for executive-level entrepreneurs ready to build their own world-class business.

Transblue is one of the nation’s leading general contracting franchises, specializing in outdoor construction projects for residential, commercial, and government clients. Transblue thrives in the construction industry since their founding in 2004, even more as homeowners invest in their homes like never before.

Transblue franchise opportunity wrapped truckFor many, Transblue is the ideal opportunity for executive-level entrepreneurs ready to take control of their future and leap into business ownership. Our franchisees leverage their significant leadership skills into a business designed to maximize profitability and built for lasting growth.

The best part? Franchisees can reap the rewards of being a business owner. No more long commutes, petty office politics, or sacrificing a healthy work-life balance.

“Now is an incredible time to franchise with Transblue,” says David Wescott, CEO and Founder of Transblue. “We’ve proven this business model really works. Not only does it offer tremendous profit potential, but also designed for long-term growth. We’re successful because we’ve built a model straightforward to implement. We’ve made significant investments in training and support, and there’s a pent-up demand for competent project management in the outdoor construction industry across a wide range of clients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

No Experience Needed

All the skills learned as an executive translate to being a successful Transblue franchisee. Our owners are highly skilled managers and leaders, running an asset-light business that’s designed to scale. Because our franchise owners manage construction projects, and outsource contractors to perform the work, no experience in the construction industry is required.

“We’re able to win all kinds of projects,” Wescott says. “We build outdoor kitchens, we do deck installation, we build retaining walls, and we supervise asphalt and concrete projects. We can do roofing and snow removal too. Once we win a project, our franchise owners can leverage the best talent in their market to complete the projects. Our clients love this because we keep everything organized, we keep the projects on schedule, and we deliver the incredible results they expect. Hiring Transblue is a completely different experience for our clients because we bring a level of professionalism missing in the industry.”

Transblue also offers a low starting cost. This has propelled hundreds of aspiring small business owners to realize their dreams. Once up and running, the profit potential is through the roof. According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, our franchise owners generated more than $1,748,503.62* in Average Unit Volume (AUV). Our top-performing franchise owners earned more than $2.3 million in sales.

“We’ve taken all the guesswork out of owning this business,” Wescott says. “We’ve built the model, and all our franchise owners have to do is follow it.”

Ready to invest in Transblue?

For in-depth details about the Transblue contracting franchise, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.


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