5 reasons to buy a new Franchise

1.You’re buying a proven system which means you don’t have to learn from all of the mistakes that you would make as a new business entrepreneur. Having a proven system allows you to benefit from the lessons that have already been learned by the franchisor this will save you tens of thousands of dollars in business experience. Transblue has developed an incredible system.

2. Marketing materials. The franchisor has created marketing materials that they have already used to win and sell clients their product. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to create, build, or figure out what does or doesn’t work. Ultimately this ties into item number one as well, in that you are buying a proven system, you are also buying proven marketing materials that will help you grow your business.

3. Power of the network. You are buying into a system that already has a network in place those franchisees, suppliers, vendors, etc. are a great resource to you because they are boots on the ground, they have worked the program or participated in the program for a proven amount of time. They have followed the process and a lot of times they are the greatest support team in your network. If you think about McDonald’s there original menu started with approximately 11 menu items things, like the big Mac were actually created by franchisees so a lot of the success that McDonald’s has seen has come from the power of the network.

4.Support. When you buy a franchise you were also buying a support team. You are buying a team that is available for you every day that you’re in business. That team will help you through complicated questions, through business growth, through business administration, training support, etc. Having a support system that has your back 100% of the time, who makes personalized site visits to your location who reviews your financials, who helps you hit your goals is a key in helping you run your business. Everyone who starts a new business has the support of their family and friends. What they don’t have is the support of a fully optimized team who has been where they have been. A team that has met the goals that your looking to achieve, that support system will propel you and enable you to hit the goals that you’ve been dreaming of.

5. Be your own boss. Being able to control your destiny, be able to control your future, not having to answer to anyone but yourself, being in charge of your business is one of the greatest feelings that you can ever have. Looking back at what you’ve built and having a sense of pride and accomplishment that nobody can take away from you, having something that you can pass down to your children, and your family, something that gives you Legacy. That is what buying a franchise is, it it’s enabling you to live the American dream.
Transblue offers a world-class franchise opportunity. There is no opportunity like franchising with Transblue. If the above reasons speak to you then reach out to us today and start taking the next steps to achieving your dreams and goals


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