What is the Power of Brand Awareness?


Everyone knows what the McDonald’s logo looks like and what the “Golden Arches” represent. No matter where you go in the world,if you set foot inside a McDonald’s you can order a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder and know exactly what it’s going to taste like. Established brand awareness,reliability, and uniformity are part of the power of franchising.

Imagine the time and resources needed to create awareness for an independent, start-up brand. It would be tremendous and not well-known. It would be nearly impossible to be a market presence that is recognizable locally and nationally.

Brand awareness — typically through coordinated marketing and advertising efforts — is something a franchisor handles, while you and your fellow franchisees reap the benefits. Established, successful franchisors like Transblue will prepare and pay for the development of professional advertising campaigns at the national, regional, and local levels — a practice that benefits all the franchisees in the system and builds the brand.

Transblue also works directly with their franchisees to provide advice and resources to help them develop effective marketing programs for their local area through a cooperative marketing fund (you and all of your fellow franchisees have already contributed to the fund through your fees and royalties).

Transblue also provides marketing materials to their franchisees, as well as marketing guidance starting with initial training and continuing through the length of the franchise agreement. One of the biggest benefits of owning a franchise is the marketing program, so keep that in mind as you make your franchise selection.

From a competitive standpoint, Transblue franchising couples market penetration with brand awareness.

Because Transblue, you, and your fellow franchisees are contributing to a regional and/or national marketing fund, the amount and quality of your advertising efforts are significantly greater than if you were an independent business operator — providing a tremendous advantage over independent and smaller competitors.

Most independent businesses can only dream about the research and development programs available in many franchise systems. This ongoing R&D makes a huge difference in product development, quality, and profitability — further increasing your chances of success and profitability, while allowing you to concentrate on running the business. Transblue has tried out new ideas, products, and services at their company-owned units, delivering them to franchisees after they’re perfected.

At Transblue, we provide world-class service, and we believe world-class service begins with proper brand awareness. The Transblue mission is to provide our franchise owners immediate access to a peer group of franchisees all across the country. Experienced franchisees have faced the same problems and questions that you will face for the first time as a new franchisee. There are many, many strengths Transblue franchising offers a business operator.

by Vince Ortiz


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