Common Mistakes of Owning a Franchise and How TransBlue Uses Them

If you’re looking to become a business owner, buying a franchise might be your ticket to self-employment. Rather than have to come up with a unique business idea and map it out, by buying a franchise, you’re simply piggybacking on the success of an already established brand. It’s a great way to take the leap into self-employment without bearing the same level of financial risk brand-new businesses inevitably face.

But owning a franchise isn’t all rosy. There are certain snags you might encounter if you go the franchise route, and Transblue has helpful solutions to those that are unique to franchising.

You might face some hefty start-up and on-going costs

Opening a business takes money, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. But you may be shocked at how expensive it is to get your franchise off the ground, especially when you factor in costs such as startup costs, equipment, vehicles, tools, staff, etc. Before you buy a franchise, review the initial requirements involved and make sure they make sense financially.

At Transblue we have off-set this typical franchise cost challenge with a truly unique return on investment proposition.

Low Initial Investment – Our franchise fee is $40,000.00 (for our 1st 5 franchisees) and we only require $75,000.00 in liquid capital.  No equipment needed!  Combined with…

Great Earning Potential – Transblue is an asset light—high reward franchise built to have high sales tickets & margins. We are built to scale quickly and efficiently with low overhead by following our marketing program and business model.   Combined with…

Scalable Revenues & Controlled Expenses. You Control your Growth – We have built our brand on quick turn payments, typically same day. These payment terms were generated for each franchisee to enhance cash flow and profits immediately.

You may not get the support you need

As mentioned earlier, one benefit of owning a franchise is gaining the support of a large company to help ensure your success. But that support may be harder to come by than expected. You may come to find that your franchiser isn’t all that invested in seeing your business thrive, especially if your location isn’t a particular priority or the company is sinking its resources into other things. As such, you may come to find that you’re paying a royalty for the use of a recognized name and nothing else.

At Transblue we have off-set this typical franchise issue by designing our model as if we were going to manage all projects personally!

Bid Scrubbing Process. Secure the Right Pricing & Win Jobs with Confidence – Our dedicated bid scrubbing team are set to help review each proposal before it is sent out. Provide measurements, sketch’s, and pictures using our propriety estimating software built with your marketplace pricing – We’ll provide recommendations!

In Depth Training & On-Going Support Programs – Our 14-day training program is the best in the industry! I don’t believe you’ll meet a more caring, loyal or energized group of people anywhere. Our team is the greatest and will support you all the way. 

At Transblue, we provide world-class service, and we believe world-class service begins with proper training. The Transblue Academy’s mission is to provide our franchise owners and their employees with ongoing, valuable training for personal and technical enrichment so that they can provide the attention and service Transblue customers deserve!

By Vince Ortiz


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