Franchise Training

Investing in a Franchise requires more than time and money, one needs to believe in the product or service that is the focus of that business. But owning the business means nothing if you are not trained how to efficiently sell your goods. Not all Franchises and Franchisors are created equal. When comparing franchise opportunities look for these important components in their sales training program; in-person training events, e-learning classes and group forums with keynote speakers.


The sales process is more than just showing numbers on a proposal. It is a relationship between you and your customer. That relationship can only be built in person. To train for that sales interaction you need to engage directly with a coach and experience the many nuances required to quickly get the close.
There is a lot of information about what it takes to create a good sales funnel. E-learning programs organize those topics for you and your staff in a format that can be accessed at any convenient time. A franchisor should have a full library of sales content available.

Finally, there needs to be a larger interactive environment to allow the experiences of others to be shared. By watching and hearing from different people you can learn about previous mistakes and more importantly, successes. Overcoming objections and managing difficult customers is easier to understand with a group of peers. Sales training requires many different moving parts that need to come together in a confident successful strategy


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