Veterans and Franchising, Helping Veterans Transition to the Civilian World

Another Veterans Day has come and gone, but businesses can still do their part to honor veterans.

After serving their country, veterans deserve to be honored for their sacrifice and commitment. Business executives can offer veterans opportunities to thrive and excel, encouraging and honoring them for their service. Veterans often find the transition from the military to careers in the civilian world challenging. It’s not just simply moving from one job to another. It’s adjusting to a world far different than the structured one they’re leaving behind. Veterans and franchising goes hand-in-hand! Keep on reading to learn more

Any company can commit to taking actions to help former service members transition to productive civilian careers, but former service members are often an especially good fit for the franchise industry.

Veteran talking on phone / veterans and franchising

The same qualities that help service members thrive in the military make them great candidates for owning their own businesses or leading others in key positions of employment:

  • Veterans are process-oriented and are trained to perform well under stress.
  • Veterans are committed to excellence, learning perseverance and dedication during their service.
  • Veterans know the value of following and trusting organizational systems.
  • Veterans are responsible and accountable.
  • Veterans know the importance of teamwork. They are not afraid to call in support when needed.
  • Veterans, instilled with military codes of conduct, are honorable and ethical.

To support veterans, franchise networks can start by lowering barriers and creating new opportunities to ownership for veterans. Many networks offer veterans a substantial discount to initial franchise fees, added support or other benefits to help in their transition. Franchisors can also offer mentoring programs for veterans.

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