Franchising Research Checklist

What’s in a Franchising Research Checklist?

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Franchising Research turns up many things, like: learning about franchise legal terms, costs and benefits can be an overwhelming task. Personal metrics need to be taken into account. Such as your own assets, family, time, goals, etc. Only you as an individual know how to move forward with these personal metrics. However, other important factors to consider, such as the brand, the product, and the state of the market, can be analyzed by doing some due diligence. Due Diligence is defined as: is an investigation, audit, or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration.

Below you will find a 5 point checklist on what to do when looking into buying a franchise. These 5 points are key for buying a franchise.

  1. Using the internet for preliminary research
    This is the first step anyone should take when researching basically anything.  In fact, it seems like this is specifically the type of article you should be seeing in your search.  Merely googling the words “franchise ownership” will bring you hundreds of thousands of results. Most companies offering franchise ownership will have websites specifically dedicated to recruiting franchisees. If you know you are interested in a specific brand or product, it’s a good starting point.  As these websites usually give good details as to what it looks like to buy into these franchises. However you have to remind yourself that these websites are specifically made as a sales pitch.  After noting the information given by these websites, you need to be objective and do other unbiased research.

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