Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training for any occupation can be exciting and frightening for any new professional adventure. Whether a dishwasher in a kitchen, or an accountant starting a new firm learning new software, training is inevitable at any stage of a job occupation. The only difference between a successful career and a disastrous employment can sometimes come down to the type of training offered. Training is beneficial to the employer and employee to guarantee success.

Today, there are different options for training delivery methods. To name a few, we have: Online self-paced training, Instructor lectures, On-the-Job training, and Hands-On-Training. While each method has advantages and disadvantages, at Transblue we believe integrating all of the methods is vital. With that said, Hands-On-Training is the most vital tool which is utilized to assimilate Franchisee’s to the potential job tasks that may be experienced.

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Crucial advantages to the Transblue Hands-On training academy include learning through performing, providing a safe atmosphere and work area, while learning and experimenting with different methods, increased engagement levels, accelerated learning curve, increased engagement of all parties, and links seminar type lectures to actual Hand-on engagement.

At Transblue, we strive to provide a multitude of learning types, while also implementing each learning style throughout our training course. By influencing both feelings and emotions, while incorporating knowledge learned through lecture training, we go beyond typical classroom style learning methods. Hands-on training with Transblue will get an individual engaged physically, while encompassing all the tools learned throughout our training program.

By Dylan Moses

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