Integrating Social Impact into a Franchise Brand

Francishing has been expanding past the common fast food chain for years now.  Franchises have been started in just about any business sector that has a replicable business model, especially when it comes to the service business.  The future of franchising may well include leveraging the network to address a mounting number of pressing social issues. The combined effort of franchise networks focused on a cause has a higher chance of moving the needle and resulting in positive outcomes.  Due to Franchising model’s unique sphere of influence of each owner locally, which, when done effectively, can enhance or even redefine the meaning of the brand.  For example a franchise dedicated to a cause nationally can focus on issues that are present in that community that may not be present in other communities.

A good example of this Tony Lamb, founder of Kona Ice, has launched a franchise fleet of over 1,000 mobile shaved ice trucks across the U.S. in a relatively short period of time. The franchise network has collectively generated over $60M for charitable organizations through “giveback events” during their ramp-up and growth.

A vehicle for delivering shaved ice and doing good.

“We have made the giveback aspect of the business an integral part of who we are as a brand and emphasize to our franchisees the importance of getting involved in the community and giving back,” says Lamb, “and our franchisees have responded, doing more than we ever imagined.” Providing franchisees with fully developed collateral materials and support takes the guesswork out of participating at the local level. This is the type of leadership franchisees should expect from their franchisor, and the results speak for themselves.

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