Jack in the Box Franchises and Franchisees Seek New Leadership

After years of discontent ‘Jack in the Box’ Franchisees and unwillingness to listen to their stakeholders, the CEO Lenny Comma and the rest of the Jack in the Box leadership team is being pressured to step down.  Franchisees which represent roughly 40% of total restaurants, are banding together and preparing for legal measures against the corporation.  

Jack in the Box Franchisees believe Jack in the Box is making some short-sighted cost-cutting in order to boost the stock price in the present.  They say Jack in the box is seeking healthy returns for its shareholders while largely ignoring the day to day operators and stakeholders of the company.  Jack in the Box is among the nation’s leading fast-food hamburger chains, with more than 2,200 quick-serve restaurants in 21 states.

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Pictured above Lenny Comma CEO &  chairman of Jack in the Box Incorporated. 


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