A Day in the Life as a Franchisee

Ever wondered about life as a franchisee?

Life as a franchisee is the American dream! Below, Dave Wescott, TransBlue’s CEO, goes through a day in the life as a franchisee.

Imagine waking up ready to go. Your day planned, your operations under control, your business running smoothly, profits rolling in. The investment you have made in a Transblue franchise has truly given you the American Dream you were looking for when you decided to be a franchisee. You are the proud owner of a World Class franchise.

guy in office looking at computer laughing / life as a franchisee

Your training with Transblue has allowed you to execute your business to perfection. At Transblue, we don’t set the bar, we are the bar. Your day starts at around 9 AM, and your team is ready to go.  They have completed the Transblue “Train the Trainer” program. You’re going over your schedule, preparing your meetings for the day, as your project managers visit their sites, ensuring that the projects are being run thoroughly and efficiently. Your sales team meets with potential clients, and provides proposals to your office. Admin is managing all the day-to-day tasks of your office.

You’re providing oversight, you’re managing your team, you’re maximizing your business, you’re living the dream you signed up for!  5 PM rolls around and your project managers are heading in. Your day was successful, profits were made. You pull up to your home, feeling fulfilled, because running a Transblue franchise is the American Dream. Your family is happy, and you’re happy as a Transblue business owner. Life is good!

– Dave Wescott;Transblue CEO

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