How Does National Buying Power Help?

As additional franchised owned locations are opened in your region, the brand’s name recognition increases — further enhancing the value of each franchised unit. Economies of Scale.

Any large organization has built-in economies of scale. Franchising is no different, and the economies of scale created by the franchisor are available to all franchisees. That’s something that you won’t find when starting your own business, perhaps ever. There’s power in numbers.


So how do these economies of scale benefit you, the franchisee? For starters, a franchisee can typically buy goods and supplies through the franchisor at a discounted rate — everything from supplies and uniforms to marketing items and business tools. Here at Transblue we purchase products and services for our franchise network have the power to negotiate significant volume discounts from vendors and suppliers. The end result is a competitive advantage that results in higher operating margins for each franchisee. This power in numbers also benefits other areas of operations, such as marketing and advertising.  

When you decide to start a new business venture, you want to make sure you’re investing your hard-earned capital in a way that minimizes potential risks and maximizes potential revenue. If you decide to invest in Transblue franchise, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a brand that will use its large national buying power to help your new franchise thrive.

Transblue leverages our substantial purchasing power to spread awareness of your franchise, all while optimizing operational efficiency to keep costs low. Consequently, Transblue continues to see year-over-year growth in average sales, making now an exciting time to invest in a Transblue franchise.


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