Transblue Franchise Company Profiled in Aspioneer Magazine

The cover of Aspioneer Magazine #20, showing Transblue CEO Dave Wescott.Transblue Franchise Company is proud to announce that we’ve been honored with the cover story of Aspioneer Magazine’s 20th issue. The issue profiles the 10 best home services franchises to open in 2019, with Transblue receiving the cover story and a generous feature within the magazine itself. Transblue’s CEO, Dave Wescott, spoke with Aspioneer about the company’s journey and the catalyst for shifting from solely general contracting and facilities management to franchising. Recounting a story he heard at a snow and ice conference, Wescott said that too many business owners were working 60-hour weeks, sacrificing time with family to make another sale. “I knew then that these people were using a business model that was fundamentally broken and that I needed to share the process I had built,” Wescott told Aspioneer. “I needed to share this process with other business-minded people so they could experience the quality of life that I live every day. I needed to franchise, not to make more money but to help my fellow business owners.” That ethos of “God, family, then business” has been baked into Transblue’s franchise model since the beginning. With our unique asset-light model, franchisees can get up and running quickly with a smaller investment than many other construction-based franchises. “The Transblue franchise was born from the idea that we could help those in business not be consumed by their business,” Wescott told Aspioneer. “So, we built a highly profitable business that does not require a high investment in labor and equipment.” This frees up time and money for franchises to enrich their communities through volunteering and philanthropy, two things Transblue holds dear. You can read the full feature on Aspioneer’s website. Aspioneer also provides complete flipbook editions of the magazine, as well as back issues, on their website.
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Melissa Brinks

Melissa Brinks is part of Transblue’s marketing team. She enjoys relaxing outside with her dog and an ice-cold can of Cran-Raspberry La Croix.


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