What Should a Franchisee Look for Series: Part 3 – TransBlue Franchise

Part 3. Customer Service from the Franchisor

So, I have spoken about examining a Sales Training program and an Operational Training program. You have done your homework and you feel great about being set up to go start your new franchise with all this new training under your belt. But let’s get real here, life will deviate from your training on several occasions. The final piece you will need, the franchisee, is ongoing support to continue operating smoothly in the form of a good Customer Service program.
Just like you wouldn’t buy a new car without a solid maintenance program to keep it running. Your business needs to hum along and when there are bumps in the road your parent company needs to help not only identify those bumps ahead of time but also be there quickly to steer you around them. Look for a system that monitor’s your business constantly, offers immediate feedback if something looks out of the ordinary, and is willing to get out to your place of business with in person assistance.
Strong companies understand that everything they do should be about making sure you are successful. They should offer advice how to adjust if they notice signs of something that could go wrong before it does and not after. This is only possible if they have a proactive customer support program and the experience to know what to help you watch out for.

The customer support also needs to be dedicated so it can be there not just at the end of the month when the numbers come in but throughout every hour of every day. Waiting for help is frustrating enough when if you are put on hold. Waiting until the end of the month for answers should be a deal breaker.
Last, the company should stand behind its commitment to support you. This is not just a statement, but they should be willing to travel and help your business in person. Nobody can get a better sense of an issue then actually putting boots on the ground.

Look for all these traits before deciding on your franchise.

By David Vetter


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