Is 100% Franchise Satisfaction Achievable? 

It is for Transblue and here’s how it’s done.

Help You Develop Your Business

Transblue provides regular access to useful and relevant business information that will help you grow your business and stay in control of your financial position. Using a benchmarking program that shares results on agreed key performance indicators is a great start.

Along with providing very effective initial training, Transblue has implemented ongoing training to improve your skills in the areas of people management, business planning, goal setting and marketing.  

Make Your Phone Ring

An important factor to franchisees is marketing and advertising that attracts new customers.  

Transblue has a well thought out marketing strategy that will give you an edge in your local market and help with the skills to convert enquiries into sales. You can also expect ongoing innovation that will excite customer interest.

Listen To You

When your part of the Transblue family, you are part of a united, cohesive team. We value and encourage the opportunity to interact with other franchisees at meetings and conferences.  

You will have the opportunity to have your ideas, questions and concerns heard by Transblue through open forums and discussions.

Credible Leadership

Transblue has clear goals for our organization and will provide franchisees with a sense of where they fit into the big picture.  Expect our team, first and foremost to be honest and fair in our business dealings. Support and guidance from our leadership team with over 90 years of combined construction management experience is dedicated to your success.

Show You We Care

Our Transblue team is genuinely concerned about your success and helping you grow your profits.

Quick response times to calls and emails is vital to us

What About The Money?

While return on investment is one of the drivers of franchisee satisfaction and whether a franchisee will recommend a franchise, Transblue has found that there are other issues such as feeling cared for, optimism for the future, confidence in top leadership and having positive relationships with other people in the Transblue franchise system that are also important.

While a profitable franchisee is no doubt more likely to be a happier franchisee, Transblue does not underestimate the power of relationships and good old-fashioned courtesy and respect in building a prosperous, happy and vibrant Transblue franchise system.

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