Meet Our Team

Aimee Wescott


Aimee has been an entrepreneur her entire working career. She started in the Insurance industry and moved into construction 6 years ago. As President of the Transblue Franchise company she oversees the executive decisions made by the C level team. She is an incredible leader and brings a wealth of influence to the table. Aimee is also a recording artist and philanthropist.


Dave Wescott

Chief Executive Officer
In the construction industry for over 20 years he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of the business. His experience is not just in Construction. Mr. Wescott owned and operated one of the largest privately held condominium management companies in the NW until 2016. Mr. Wescott has a background in insurance, facility management, land development, and real estate. He is a published author and philanthropist. His expertise is second to none in the industry, and leads the Transblue Franchise company as Chief Executive Officer.

Todd Chapman

VP of Operations

Todd comes to the Transblue team with over a decade of franchising experience in the residential and commercial services industry. Todd has awarded and supported hundreds of franchisees for some of the leading franchise networks in the US focusing on business development, marketing, and operational support. His passions are built on Faith, Family, and Business which attracted him to join the top-level team here at Transblue with our unshakable core values.

David Vetter

VP of Franchise Development & Support
David spent over a decade with TruGreen, specializing in increasing profits in branches across the US with an average Gross Revenue of 4-6 million. David has a proven track record in growing businesses in local markets within our industry.

Jonathan P. McQuade

General Counsel
Jonathan has been a construction, franchise, and real estate litigator for several renowned Seattle-area law firms. Named a Washington “Super Lawyer” for five years straight, Jonathan left the law-firm life to help grow Transblue’s franchise operations throughout the U.S.

Vince Ortiz

Director of Franchisee Development

Vince has over 20 years’ experience of managing businesses within the construction and facility industries, including owning his own franchise and being actively involved in the franchise industry for 10 years. Vince prides himself in being able to provide valuable information on Transblue’s World Class Business and counsel to people who are considering franchising.

Dylan Moses

Director of Franchisee Training

Dylan Moses has been involved within the construction industry for more than 10 years. Dylan’s expertise revolves around construction management, facilitation of contractual obligations, and upholding high quality construction industry standards. Dylan moved from halfway across the US to come work for Transblue because of the exciting direction.

Jim Wescott

Director of IT & Marketing

Jim came from Microsoft, leading and innovating with programs like Microsoft Exchange and Corporate Business Solutions, he is a true expert in software engineering and solutions, yes, Jim left the beautiful tech world because he wanted to be a part of a World Class Organization.

Lisa B 1.5

Lisa Barnes

Director of Accounting
Lisa has been with Transblue for almost a decade, where she has taken on multiple roles ranging from account management to HR. Her time with the company means she knows the core Transblue business in and out. Lisa is quick to adapt to multiple roles, giving her a great understanding of all the different things that make Transblue work. Her direct experience working with employees, customers, and vendors makes her an invaluable part of the team.