Own Your Own Project Management Franchise with No Equipment Necessary

If you search the term ‘franchising,’ thousands of opportunities from major brands appear, ranging from quick-service restaurants to auto repair businesses or fitness facilities. But, each requires a high cost of entry and expensive operations and equipment.

Construction project management concepts like ours are among the most underrated franchise ventures, with a low cost of entry and minimal overhead. 

Unlike other construction operations, our innovative asset-light sub-contracting model serves as the professional link between clients and independent contractors for homeowners and property and facility managers alike. With low overhead and no equipment to purchase or store. Our scalable operations and turnkey business model provides year-round services with an average AUV of $1,748,503*. 

Think that sounds too good to be true?

Simply put, our franchisees oversee sales development and project oversight. They are the liaison between clients and contractors for homeowners and property and facility managers to deliver outstanding outdoor living and exterior project results. This scalable operation format requires no additional overhead or expensive equipment.

The main benefit of a sub-contracting model is you are not responsible for supplying equipment or materials. Due to our “asset-light” business model and low overhead costs, franchisees can be up and running with an investment of $121,000 to $162,000. This includes the minimum required cost to start the business, $30,000 liquid capital and the $50,000 franchise fee.

At Transblue, we leverage technology, not equipment, to manage and execute projects. Learn more about our franchise opportunities.

*Referenced in Transblue® 2021 FDD. 

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