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Transblue is led by a passionate executive team with decades of experience helping entrepreneurs thrive

dave wescott

Dave Wescott

David Wescott is the founder of Transblue, Transblue is a world-class general contractor franchise focused on high end residential, government, multifamily and commercial projects. David oversees the leadership team and focuses on strategic growth. He is passionate about being and angel investor in Native American Business and is driven by giving back.

David vetter

David Vetter

David has over 30 years of construction experience and spent over a decade with TruGreen, specializing in increasing profits in branches across the US with an average Gross Revenue of 4-6 million per location. David has a proven track record in growing businesses in local markets within our industry. He oversees our Transblue training programs, sharing his expertise with new business owners. With his entrepreneurial personality, he has helped create, manage, and execute our robust operational system to help set up our franchise owners for success. 

jim wescott

Jim Wescott 

Prior to coming to TransblueJim worked with Microsoft, leading and innovating with programs like Microsoft Exchange and Corporate Business Solutions. He is a true expert in software engineering and solutions. Overseeing both the IT and marketing teams, Jim is an effective cross-functional leader and communicator among multiple stakeholdersJim is an experienced professional with a passion for helping grow businesses, fitness, and the ability to employ unique Transblue marketing techniques. 


Jonathan McQuade 

Jonathan has been a construction, franchise, and real estate litigator for several renowned Seattle-area law firms, named a Washington “Super Lawyer” for five years straight. He left the law-firm life to help grow Transblue’s franchise operations throughout the U.S.

dylan Transblue Franchise company

Dylan Moses

Dylan has over 10+ years of experience in selling and overseeing large-scale residential, commercial, and government-type construction projects. He applies this experience in Transblue classroom/field training and supporting new franchisee business owners start off with a solid foundation of financial acumen knowledge, business development, operations execution, sales growth planning and implementation, procurement, contractual obligations, industry compliance, and much more. Dylan is passionate about providing WorldClass training to all franchisees to ensure satisfaction and quality of life within an ever-evolving construction industry.  

Todd Transblue Franchise company

Todd Chapman

Todd comes to the Transblue team with over a decade of franchising experience in the residential and commercial services industry. He has awarded and supported hundreds of franchisees for some of the leading franchise networks in the US focusing on business development, marketing, and operational support. His passions are built on Faith, Family, and Business, which attracted him to join the top-level team here at Transblue with our unshakable core values.

Vince Transblue Franchise company

Vince Ortiz

Vince has over 20 years of experience managing businesses within the construction and facility industries, including owning his own independent consultation business and franchise business, and being actively involved in the franchise industry for 10 years. He prides himself in being able to provide valuable information on Transblue’s World Class Business and counsel to people considering franchising. Then, to communicate people’s goals and aspirations back to them, and to know you have a system which can deliver it.

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