What is the Role of a Franchise Owner?

Transblue is a one-stop shop solution for outdoor construction projects in the residential, commercial, and government sectors

Transblue franchise owners meet a real need in a booming industry. Whether it’s a homeowner looking to invest in a new deck, patio, or retaining wall, or it’s creating an outdoor oasis for a multi-unit development project, or helping government buildings transition their parking lot to meet the needs of electric vehicles, Transblue franchise owners make life a lot easier.

Taking a one-stop shop approach, Transblue manages every aspect of a project from start to finish for their clients. This means Transblue is responsible for everything from establishing a deadline, managing the project’s budget, vetting and hiring qualified subcontractors to complete the work, to delivering the desired result for our client on time and on budget.

Here are a few of the benefits of a subcontractor model:

  • Increase profit-potential
  • Minimize payroll costs
  • Minimize liability and transfer risk
  • You get to do more with less (less staff, less overhead, less stress)
  • You’re a one-stop shop for all of your customers
  • You don’t have to purchase equipment
  • You get to hire experts so you don’t have to be one
  • Complete any type of project
  • The business model is incredibly scalable
  • You benefit from project flexibility

“We make life really easy for our customers,” says David Vetter, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Before Transblue, they would have to manage every aspect of a project. They would have to hire every subcontractor, whether it’s an electrician, a carpenter, a mason, or whoever they need individually. We do all the hiring, and more importantly, all of the vetting for them. We manage their work and make sure the work lives up to the promises we made to the client. This approach delivers peace of mind because the customer knows they only have to speak with one person and we get to exceed their expectations as a result.”

What does a day in the life of a franchise owner look like?

It might surprise you to learn that our franchise owners aren’t on job sites wearing construction hats and work boots. Our franchise owners aren’t answering sales calls or winning new business. Our franchise owners do not manage the projects they take on, they do not vet subcontractors, nor do they have any part of managing the client relationship.

Instead, our franchise owners act as the conductors of their businesses. They lead an incredible team of professionals, and focus on delivering results.

“Our business model is an executive-level model,” Vetter says. “Our franchise owners are really more like CEOs. They run professional offices and delegate the tasks of the businesses to the right people. While our model doesn’t require a large staff, our franchise owners do have small sales teams to focus on winning business, as well as project managers to focus on running the jobs. Our franchise owners manage their teams.”

What Our Owners
Don’t Have to Do:

  • Meet with clients:
    Your sales team will be responsible for handling all of the leads.

  • Do the accounting:
    Your administrative person will process all of the checks.

  • Oversee projects:
    Your project manager will be responsible for overseeing all of the projects.

  • Find subcontractors:
    Your project manager will be responsible for vetting all subcontractors for every project you take on.

What are the advantages of a subcontractor business model?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Transblue business model is the fact that our franchise owners do not have to handle any of the actual construction work themselves. Instead, they hire out subcontractors who have all the expertise, experience, equipment, certifications, labor, and insurance necessary to complete a project.

franchise owners outdoor living space forbesJust as importantly, subcontractors love working with Transblue because they don’t have to deal with winning the jobs themselves. They don’t have to deal with establishing the relationship or keeping the relationship going. All they have to do is make sure they do exceptional work, because if they do, they will get hired again.

“Subcontractors are amazing people to work with,” says David Wescott, CEO, and Founder of Transblue. “They’re exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable at their crafts, and they would much rather focus on that than trying to win new projects. All they want is to be able to feed their families. They’re not looking to become incredible entrepreneurs. By working with Transblue, they get to fill up their job boards and grow their own businesses without having to source the work. Our model is one that benefits everybody.”

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