What’s Special About Our Culture?

Transblue guided by a culture that focuses on God, family, and business

Making the decision to go into business for yourself is about far more than money. Successful entrepreneurs not only create better lives for themselves and their families, but also become stewards of their communities. They look for ways to give back, lift people up, and make an impact. Transblue is a franchise system that believes in a higher purpose. Our franchise is guided by three core values of God, family, and business. As a result, we’re highly selective in who we choose to recruit as franchise owners.

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“When our values align, there’s no limit as to what we can do,” says Dave Wescott, CEO and Founder of Transblue. “Our mission is to make people’s lives better. We want our franchise owners to be passionate about the work they do and we know that the more successful they become, the more they’re able to give back. As a franchise system, our sole focus is to help our franchise owners grow their businesses so they can have an outsize impact. Transblue is all about making the world a better place.”

When it comes to support, we’re committed to 100% franchisee support

The culture of Transblue is all about servant leadership – and this starts at the top. We honor our franchise owners’ investment in us by providing comprehensive training & support that begins from day one and covers every aspect of the business model. Our leadership team is likewise always accessible, ready to jump in and problem solve, answer any questions, and help your business reach its full potential.

At Transblue, 100% franchisee support is not the goal – it is the standard.

“The level of support we deliver to our franchise owners is all encompassing,” says Todd Chapman, Vice President of Franchise Operations. “We’re committed to upholding the promises that we made to our franchise owners while they were in the recruiting process – that they will be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Our franchise owners never feel like they’re on an island somewhere, but instead, they feel like they’re part of an organization that will go above and beyond for them – and that’s what we do.”

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We want you to be there for your family

One of the joys of going into business for yourself is that you get your life back. We’re proud that our business model offers the ability to enjoy exceptional work/life balance. We believe our franchise owners shouldn’t have to choose between being there for their family or going to work – as this is exactly the reason why they want out of corporate America in the first place!

“Transblue’s values aligned completely with my own values,” Mark Wilson, owner of the Transblue franchise in Tacoma, WA. “I wanted to be part of a franchise system that understood I’m a father and a husband. Being with my family is very important to me. I still show up to work first thing in the morning and focus on growing this business, but I don’t have to give up time with my family to do this. I have the flexibility to manage my own schedule, and this business provides tremendous work/life balance.

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Giving back is an essential part of being in business

At Transblue, we believe that giving back is a fundamental reason to go into business. We take our commitment to giving pretty seriously. As a faith-based organization, our entire network commits to charitable work and being a source of light to those who really need it.

The mission of Transblue is to make the world a better place – and we take this seriously.

Transblue is a proud sponsor of mBridge, a faith-based organization that champions noble causes around the world. Via mBridge, Transblue has been the keynote sponsor of Dawson’s Place Child Advocacy Center, which helps rehabilitate sexually abused children. We’ve helped build schools in Africa, and we’ve helped people in Nepal find relief after flash floods devastated their homes. At the local level, we sponsor Give Back Days, where our leadership and corporate team rolls up our sleeves and goes to work on a project. Most recently, we helped improve a local Christian school, and we cannot wait for our next project!

“Over the last three years, we’ve given nearly $1 million to charity,” Wescott says. “One of our focuses is Dawson’s Place, which does incredible work to heal children who have been sexually abused. We also donate to communities who have been impacted by disasters around the world. We recently helped people who were impacted due to COVID. The act of giving back makes everything we do in business worth it. It’s the deeper meaning behind everything we do.”

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