Why SIMA Is Crucial For Any Snow and Ice Business – TransBlue

In any business, support is integral for success. Having resources to lean on as questions arise or times get hard can make all the difference when growing a business. The Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) provides that support to snow and ice professionals nationwide. SIMA offers advocacy, education, and training. This is why we here at Transblue, have been members for over 10 years. 

SIMA provides resources to protect and grow your buisness

There are two types of memberships available. Basic membership is $350 and offers multiple resources for snow and ice professionals. The other membership tier is for suppliers and costs $500 a year. This tier is available to businesses that are involved in snow and ice services to consumers. The suppliers membership offers everything the lower tier offers as well as access to peer networking, special promotional opportunities, and templates for multiple situations, and more. 

SIMA represents snow and ice professionals in legislation and regulations on local, state, and federal levels, understanding and fighting for snow and ice businesses’ needs. A recent example of this is in New York. A new regulation was proposed to “require four hours of call-in pay when a shift is canceled less than 72 hours before the start of the shift…Snow and ice management services are vastly different than businesses such as retail and restaurants. In the winter, our workers are on call at all times to be ready when storms hit.” SIMA provided testimony and the regulation was stopped. 

SIMA offers training and education, one of the beneficial resources to offer. The snow and ice industry is not one you can just walk into without any knowledge and expect success. Having access to education can be a game-changer. Access to these educational materials allows you to be one step ahead of the rest, setting you up for success. The trial and error period will be replaced with real knowledge of how to execute something, for example, using anti-icing properly. The education provided includes training for owners, employees, and snow management. Video training is also offered for ease of learning on your own time. SIMA supplies its members with a multitude of educational options, giving them every opportunity to succeed. 


We believe in the work and resources offered by SIMA so much that we have continued to be a member for over 10 years. From education to legislation representation, we highly encourage all snow and ice companies to become members. Take advantage of the resources offered and build your businesses on top of a stable foundation. 


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