An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business

Every entrepreneur dreams of breaking that 7-figure barrier and becoming part of the million-dollar club. But just how do you get there?

Our founder and CEO, Dave Wescott, and Vince Ortiz, Director of Franchising, are no strangers to entrepreneurship. In fact, both have over 20 years of working in the franchise industry and running their own business.

Together, they sat down to share their words of wisdom with their new LinkedIn series, Entrepreneurs 101. The most recent episode shares how passion and knowledge of the customer base can turn your business into a million-dollar business. Check it out:

Be sure to come back every other week for a new episode of Entrepreneur 101 on LinkedIn Live, or visit our YouTube channel for more content and a behind-the-scenes look at our project management franchise model.

This series is just the beginning of the expertise our team provides to hopeful entrepreneurs. Vince recently connected with Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine to discuss effective strategies to navigate the pandemic labor and supply shortages.

Since the franchise industry has been hit hard by the aftereffects of the pandemic, the rise in demand for home improvement projects has caused setbacks that construction companies like ours have to balance.

As an expert in the space, Vince shared that keeping customers in the know, remaining proactive and prioritizing relationships is the best way to tackle current obstacles. Through those efforts, we’ve found that customers are happy to wait and appreciate our thoughtfulness in the process.

Additionally, Dave spoke on Business Radio X to share more about our founding story and our opportunities to franchise with our proven model.

“[Before starting Transblue] I was in the facility management construction industry for many years, and in doing that, we serviced Fortune 500 brands and worked with anywhere from 7500 subcontractors on a given day, doing millions and millions of dollars in facility management construction,” Wescott said. “We’ve made the construction process very simple. You know, what we want to do is really rely on the subcontractor network on that network of expertise to enable the business owner and their team that they’ve build around themself to be successful.”

Our franchisees feel comfortable knowing they’re backed by a team of seasoned industry veterans, who will provide them with the tools and resources to run a successful business.

To learn more about opportunities and open markets, fill out an inquiry form and a member of our franchise development team will be in touch.



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