Archive: February 2019

On February 15th, 2019

Dealing with a Consumer Service Complaint for Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with a Customer Service Complaing for Franchise Satisfaction Franchise customer satisfaction is always our top priority.  We work closely with clients to design their project, plan for it’s execution and complete it on schedule.  But construction can be tricky, and unforeseen circumstances may occur.  Typically, as you keep up communications with the client and ...

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On November 19th, 2018

Jack in the Box Franchisees See Another Battle with Their Franchisor

Jack in the Box Franchisees argue with Franchisor Jack in the Box franchisees on Monday filed a complaint with California regulators, alleging they are potentially in danger of losing their leases because of a new way the San Diego-based burger chain has restructured its real-estate portfolio. The National Jack in the Box Franchisee Association, which ...

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On November 16th, 2018

What Should a Franchisee Look for Series: Part 3 – TransBlue Franchise

Part 3: Customer Service from the Franchisor So, I have spoken about examining a Sales Training program and an Operational Training program. You have done your homework, and you feel great about being set up to start your new franchise with all this new training under your belt. But let’s get real here, life will ...

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