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On October 31st, 2018

Local Marketing Strategy for a Franchise

How to create a Local Franchise Marketing Strategy Creating an Effective Local Franchise Marketing Strategy is best done when it is a collaborative effort.  This effort is between the franchisor and the respective franchisee. Franchisors nowadays use the internet and social media to strengthen their marketing and brand. This can boost lead generation and sales at both ...

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On October 30th, 2018

Franchise Training

Training is crucial to a successful Franchise Investing in a Franchise requires more than time and money. One needs to believe in the product or service that is the focus of that business. But owning the business means nothing if you are not trained how to efficiently sell your goods. Not all Franchises and Franchisors ...

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On October 25th, 2018

Franchising 101

Franchising 101: 7 steps to take when looking into franchising People wanting to start their own business often times get stuck on one of the most important steps of them all, the idea. Choosing the right industry, product, customer base, etc., is only the beginning of the battle. However, those who want to skip the ...

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On October 24th, 2018

A Letter to Franchisees: The TransBlue Opportunity

The TransBlue Opportunity Dear Community Associate: I’m writing to you with what I believe is a great opportunity – and I think you will agree. Have you ever thought about owning your own business, and what it would be like to be able to control your own destiny? I had those same thoughts fifteen years ...

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On October 18th, 2018

The Definition of Franchise

What is the franchise definition? The question “What can I expect to see when I look into buying a franchise” can be a difficult one.  Many states and cities have different and overlapping rules.  It’s best to start at the beginning, with the simplest element, which is the federal definition of a franchise. On the ...

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