Archive: February 2019

On February 4th, 2019

McDonald’s not Leadership Worried About Franchisee Relationship

McDonalds stays firm on Franchisee Relationship On a recent earnings call, McDonald’s CEO Steven Easterbrook said he was unconcerned of McDonald’s franchisee relationship, and pushback from many newly unified franchisees within the restaurant chain’s system. Last October, a group of franchisees within the McDonald’s network united to form what they’ve dubbed the National Owner’s Association ...

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On December 24th, 2018

What is the Power of Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness Everyone knows what the McDonald’s logo looks like and what the “Golden Arches” represent. No matter where you go in the world, if you set foot inside a McDonald’s, you can order a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder and know exactly what it’s going to taste like. Established brand awareness, reliability, and uniformity ...

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On November 5th, 2018

Franchisees Unite to Form First McDonalds Franchise Association

Franchisees form first McDonalds Franchise Association After the much publicized meeting of 400+ McDonald’s operators in Tampa, Florida, the franchisees agreed to form a McDonalds franchise association representing franchisees. The newly formed association is called the NOA or National Owners Association.  It would be the first franchisee association in McDonald’s history. This unification of franchisees ...

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On October 17th, 2018

McDonalds Franchisees Want More Help with Growth

McDonalds Pressured by Franchisees McDonalds franchisees are joining forces this week to pressure their franchise holder. Franchisees want help with their cash flows and profits. Following the Burger giant’s own pressure on franchisees to update their restaurants through rebuilding and remodeling. Franchisees of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) are planning a meeting this Wednesday where they’ll consider forming a ...

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