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On October 26th, 2018

What is Quality of Life for a Franchisee?

Quality of Life for a Franchisee Quality of life for a franchisee is truly subjective, and it depends on person to person. It can vary depending on a person’s perception of what quality means to them. Whether it’s overall happiness, material value, and other variables within the standards of self-achievement. There is no perfect formula ...

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On October 25th, 2018

Franchising 101

Franchising 101: 7 steps to take when looking into franchising People wanting to start their own business often times get stuck on one of the most important steps of them all, the idea. Choosing the right industry, product, customer base, etc., is only the beginning of the battle. However, those who want to skip the ...

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On October 19th, 2018

Jack in the Box Franchises and Franchisees Seek New Leadership

Jack in the Box Franchises search for leadership After years of discontent with Jack in the Box franchises and unwillingness to listen to their stakeholders, the CEO Lenny Comma and the rest of the Jack in the Box leadership team are being pressured to step down. Franchisees, which represent roughly 40% of total restaurants, are banding ...

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