The Transblue investment.

The Transblue investment.

Building Success

At Transblue, we’ve worked hard to build an investment structure that meets the needs of our potential franchisees and financial capital aspect of starting a Transblue franchise.

Transblue’s franchise costs are significantly less than most franchises, particularly due to low initial staffing needs, virtually no assets, and no necessity to build out a retail space.

A photo of the Transblue franchise team.

Franchise Fee


Liquid Capital Required

$30,000 *

Initial Investment

Starts at $90,900, including franchise fee

Discounts available for veterans.

* Covers living expenses while your business is getting off the ground. Not included in initial investment.

† Third-party financing available.

Our Ideal Franchisee

We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our franchise model. It’s designed to get your business up and running quickly with minimal investment and none of the tricky growing pains new businesses typically experience. But just as you’re investing in our business, we’re investing in you; we want to be certain that you’re the right fit for the thriving creative and technical industry that is luxury exterior design.

Successful Transblue franchisees are not necessarily established business professionals or construction experts. Our model is designed for success no matter what your background is, but if you have a few prized characteristics, we believe you’ll be an even better fit for our growing network of Transblue franchises.





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