Benefits of Owning a Non-Brick-and-Mortar Service Franchise

Unlike a retail or restaurant franchise, service brands don’t rely on customers walking into a brick-and-mortar location. Rather, they work directly with customers on their home or business turf to perform our top-notch services – in our case, that may be building an outdoor kitchen or asphalt maintenance at a commercial business.

When deciding if a service franchise like Transblue is the right fit for you, consider these three differentiators:

Reduced Cost of Entry for a Faster Start

Service franchise brands like those within the cleaning, repair, or project management segments have a huge advantage in starting up quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost.

A physical location’s extensive cost and build-out time can inflate the total investment. Fortunately, since work is primarily done at a customer’s location, many service brands don’t need to invest in a large physical space, possibly just a small office. In the early stages of a business, this offers huge savings for entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their journey with business ownership.

The total investment to begin operations with Transblue ranges from $147,900 – $244,300. This includes our franchise fee, the cost of wrapped vehicles, marketing expenses, and working capital to ensure your business gets off to a good start.

In-Demand Recession-Resilient Industry

Starting a business is not without risks. Even franchising, a lower risk option for entrepreneurship, can be impacted by economic shifts. However, professional services are traditionally considered essential, proving to be recession-resilient.

The Transblue business model is based on developing multiple revenue streams, a model we refer to as “evergreen.” Regardless of the economy, businesses still need snow removed from parking lots and homeowners’ associations have exterior roofs and siding that need to be maintained. Our varied list of services and national partnerships with government and commercial businesses ensures that there are jobs 365 days of the year.

Develop a Strong Network of Community Relationships

As with any service business, growth is dependent on the valued relationships you build. Franchisees and their team must be able to connect with their customers and provide a service that’s as personal as it is professional and will attract new business simply through word of mouth.

At Transblue, philanthropy and community involvement are ingrained in our DNA. Our mission is to give back to the communities we build. Most recently, Transblue was proudly named the #1 Small Business Philanthropist by the Puget Sound Business Journal. This esteemed honor further solidifies our mission through nonprofits such as mBridge, Dawson Place, and New Heart Foundation, among others, to serve our community and make a positive impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about our service franchise, fill out our inquiry form and a member of our franchise development team will be in touch.



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