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SEATTLE, WA – June 17, 2021 — Transblue, the nation’s leading project management company in the construction industry, today announced the launch of Call Blue Call Center. Call Blue assists the Transblue franchise businesses by cost-effectively turning a tricky process into an opportunity to create a remarkable customer experience that builds brand loyalty.

“At Transblue, we believe in disruptive innovation with a purpose and create world-class support to our franchises that address the way their businesses strive to communicate with their clients today while remaining flexible enough to grow with the quick scalability of their businesses,” said Transblue’s CEO, Dave Wescott. “By adding our Call Center, we’ve made it easier for our franchisees to focus on what’s most important – creating happy customers and generating business growth.”

Improve Franchise and Customer Experience with Call Blue

The Call Blue Call Center service platform is designed to help franchisees spend less time trying to master lead management and appointment setting; and more time team building, engaging with customers, and serving as expert Transblue brand ambassadors.

Call Blue Call Center also allows franchise owners to ensure collaboration and productivity among employees. Call Blue Call Center features include:

  • Our Call Blue Call Center is overseen by call center pros with decades of telephone sales experience. Our customer service representatives will build rapport with customers, explain the Transblue value, qualify the project, and set the appointment.
  • Saves money and time for franchisees. Thanks to our call center, franchise owners do not have to staff the phones on their own. The Call Blue Call Center is staffed six days a week to qualify and book appointments for franchisees. The center saves time and money, allowing franchise owners to focus on running their business.
  • Our Call and Loyalty Center also makes Transblue’s marketing more effective. All Transblue trucks are decorated with Transblue’s call center number. The truck wraps are hard to miss, and the phone number is easy to remember.

“We know that 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated, so we designed our Call Center specifically with franchise owners and their clients in mind,” said Dave Wescott, CEO, Transblue. “We are always focused on striving for 100% franchisee satisfaction and in building a user-friendly service that eliminates the concern for franchise owners missing a potential project because they were serving an existing customer or their employees not available to take a call. So, we set out to improve the call management quality and business effectiveness in support of our franchises while they focus on growing their business”.

About Transblue

Transblue is Outdoor Projects Simplified. The system at Transblue Franchise Company has been well-vetted and proven. Transblue has a model for success as a sales and management business operating in the residential and commercial construction industry. We pride ourselves in being the professional link between clients and contractors for homeowners, property managers, and facility managers. Transblue was founded in 2004; we welcome you to learn more visit


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