Faith-Based Franchise: How Our Values Drive Success

When determining whether a franchise opportunity is a good fit for you and your family, you must first determine if your values align with the brand culture. Culture is as important as the business model itself.

You may have heard that Transblue is a faith-based business, but might not be sure what that means. You might have questions about how it impacts your business interactions with us.

Here are three things you should know about working with a faith-based franchise:


1. Faith-Based Values Committed to Making a Difference

As a franchise owner, you’re not only buying into a proven system with ample support; you’re partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs with similar values and beliefs. With a strong commitment to serving the community and others, Transblue’s faith-based principals have cultivated a successful business. The Transblue franchise opportunity is about more than profit; we’re determined to leave a lasting impact on our communities and give back to those in need.


2. Giving Back is in Our DNA

When our founder Dave Wescott created Transblue, he built a business with a core tenet of giving back. In fact, it’s why we’re in business. Every time you partner or do a project with Transblue, you are helping the community. And with franchise locations across the U.S., we help communities nationwide.

Philanthropy is an integral part of who we are at Transblue. Through countless giveback initiatives and partnerships with Mbridge Global, we make it our mission to make the world a better place.

This year, our entire corporate team participated in a companywide giveback to the Matthew House, which is dedicated to assisting children and the families of incarcerated people. Hear more from Dave and how our team got our hands dirty in the process.




3. “God, Family, then Business” – In that order

As a Christian-owned business, we believe that God comes first, then our family, and then our business. What this means for franchisees is that we expect and encourage you to balance work and family. Take some time out of your day to volunteer with a local charity. Leave work a little early to catch a baseball game with your kids. We look for franchisees who work hard and achieve their goals, but we also champion an ethos of care.

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