Q&A with Our CEO Dave Wescott

Transblue wouldn’t be experiencing the affluent growth it is today without the leadership of our CEO, Dave Wescott.

As an industry veteran with years of building up small businesses, Wescott recently sat down with Franchise Marketing Radio to share our founding story, philanthropic efforts, and recent franchise growth. Check out part of his interview below:


Q: Can you share how you came up with the Transblue concept?

A: I was in the facility management construction industry for many, many years, and in doing that, we serviced just Fortune 500 brands. We worked with around 7500 subcontractors on a given day, doing millions and millions of dollars in facility management construction.

I happened to be at a snow conference, and the guest speaker shared the trouble contractors have getting started in the business. I thought, “I’m going to build something that can teach people who want to have their own business in the construction fields a better way to do things.” And through some research and development, I found that franchising would be the best thing for me to be able to make that happen.


Q: When you had this idea conceptually, how did you know that you’d be able to scale?


A: Transblue makes the construction process very simple. We rely on the subcontractor network to enable the business owner to succeed.

For example, if I’ve got an asphalt paving project, our owner doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in every piece of asphalt construction. But what they need to do is align themselves with the correct partner. That partner can come in and properly do the demo and asphalt installation. And so that makes that piece of the business very straightforward.


Q: What is your ideal franchisee candidate?

A: Primarily, we look for franchise owners outside of the construction field. We look for people who have a good executive background. They must be effective managers because that’s truly what this business is, managing people.


Q: How has franchise growth been?

A: It’s been good. We started with three units, and then in year two, we brought on 16 more units. This year, we’ve added two locations in Boulder and Raleigh and have a goal of 17 more for the year. So, we’re excited about the growth.


Q: Can you talk about the importance of giving back as part of Transblue’s culture, why that’s important, and how that helps you maybe even identify the right franchisee?

A: I believe that business has an obligation to make the communities that they’re in a better place. Since I started the company, giving back to the community has been close to my heart.

Our team is committed to making a local impact and bless the local economy we serve. In the last three years, we’ve supported around 135 different organizations. It’s really important that we make that impact locally, nationally, and then globally.

Check out the full podcast to hear more from Dave. If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise opportunity, fill out our inquiry form and a member of our franchise development team will be in touch.


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